Best Rock Climbing Guide in Kathmandu

Prabin Kumal

Prabin, originally from the village of Gorkha in Plaungtar near the Bandipur and Marsyangdi river, is likely the first person you will meet upon arriving in Kathmandu. With his extensive experience as a guide, particularly in rock climbing, canyoning, and caving, Prabin has built a strong reputation in the industry. He previously worked as a rock climbing instructor at Hardcore Nepal since 2013. However, due to the pandemic, Hardcore Nepal had to close its operations. Prabin joined Nepal Dare Adventures as the manager in 2020.

During his time at Hardcore Nepal, Prabin received numerous positive reviews on platforms like Tripadvisor. He is known for his calm and careful approach, always planning ahead to ensure the safety and satisfaction of clients. Prabin's calming personality puts clients at ease and instills confidence that they are in good hands.
Best Rafting instructor

Santosh Kumal

Nepal Dare Adventures takes great pride in having Santosh Kumal as a valued member of our team. Hailing from a village in Gorkha, Santosh joined us in January 2020 after working as a freelance guide with another company. With us, he leads canyoning and rock climbing trips, showcasing his expertise and passion for adventure. Santosh's presence is adored by the children in the village, who often gather to watch him in action during our caving and climbing activities in Bimal Nagar. They cheer him on as he leads climbs and join him in singing songs during his breaks. From the moment you meet Santosh, his joyful spirit is palpable and infectious.

If you have the pleasure of encountering Santosh during your trip, be sure to engage him in conversations about his village and home. He takes delight in sharing cultural insights with our clients and is also an excellent cook, particularly when it comes to preparing Daal Bhat, a traditional Nepali dish.
Hire Trekking Guide in Everest and Manaslu

Santosh Blon

Introducing Santosh Blon, a dedicated member of Nepal Dare Adventures since 2021. As a trekking guide leader with expertise in Annapurna, Langtang, Everest, and Mustang, Santosh also excels as a rock climbing guide. With a Bachelor's degree in Travel and Tourism Management, he brings a professional and cheerful approach to his role. Santosh's excellent communication skills and ability to handle various situations make him a trusted guide for both foreign and domestic trekkers in the Himalayas since 2018.

Known for his friendly nature, Santosh believes in sharing the sense of excitement and adventure while exploring the majestic Himalayas. His expertise and leadership have successfully guided numerous foreign and domestic trekkers, ensuring their memorable experiences in the Himalayan region.